Flashsafe - FAQ
Is it true that you provide limitless space for file storage?
Yes, it is true.
What will happen if I lose my Flashsafe?
The same thing as when you lose your bank card. The old device is blocked; you receive a new one and continue to use your data.
How do I recover a Flashsafe with files after a loss? Can somebody who finds my Flashsafe do it instead of me?
Each Flashsafe has a unique device ID. After you provide it to our support team we will send you a new Flashsafe. Access can be restored using a pin-code that only you know.
How confidential is it?
We guarantee that Flashsafe is the safest existing way to store data. No one, including us, knows what you are storing.
What happens when there is no Internet connection?
Flashsafe also works without Internet connection, featuring 8 GB of internal memory.
I have Dropbox, why should I get a Flashsafe?
Unlike other clouds, Flashsafe doesn’t require a login, a password or a browser. It is safer and has no limits in terms of the volume of stored data.
Why doesn’t it have a login/password?
There is no longer the need to memorize complicated passwords – software authorization chip will create a new crack-proof password for you.
How do I share files using Flashsafe?
Add you colleague or a fried to a list of trusted persons, and you will be able to use each other’s Flashsafe or selected folders in your personal cloud.
What are the scientific and technological innovations behind Flashsafe?
There are multiple approaches to authorization. They aren’t new, but we combined them for the user’s convenience, so that you won’t have to type in anything at all. It is our breakthrough – an easy authorization approach using software authorization (USB key). All other ways require either a website or an operating system.
What if I upload 100 TB to Flashsafe?
It's okay, you can unlimited upgrade.
What happens to Flashsafe next?
We will issue regular updates, publish API for developers, launch our own applications store, introduce authorization to popular sites and will expand its functionality.