Flashsafe is an unlimited flash drive
Flashsafe it's an unlimited gigabytes of information right in your pocket. It's easy and convenient to use
Flashsafe it's a flash drive, connected to a cloud, where you can keep your files all life long with highest level of confidentiality.
Save all your movies, music, photos and videos in one single place.
You don’t need to worry anymore that you’ll run out of memory, you don’t need to clean up your computer all over again because Flashsafe allows you to store absolutely any scope of information.
Flashsafe is easy to use
Yes, it’s the fact. While using Flashsafe you don’t need to remember passwords, wait for confirmations or to register your email, unlike the other cloud services for storing files. Just insert Flashsafe into your computer or laptop and use it right away.
Anonymous Flashsafe
We took seriously confidentiality of your files. Nobody, even us don’t know what are you storing because your private information doesn’t correlate with you as a person on our servers.
Even if violators or somebody else will get the access to your files, it is not possible to decrypt them without having in a hands a Flashsafe device.
Beside that, we created an opportunity to install on a device an additional protection - PIN Code, which is impossible to track due to the special feature of constant switching the button’s locations, if you use the mouse.
How does the Flashsafe works?
1. Insert Flashsafe in any computer;
2. Flashsafe will connect you to the cloud through secure connection;
3. You will see your files in a new opened window;
4. Upload files with no limitations.
Flash safe users are able to join their clouds, so they can exchange their files instantaneously.
It means there is a possibility to join Flashsafes or the access to a particular folders and files through secured connection.
Flashsafe is a smart flash drive
Flashsafe is able to update itself through the Internet as a smartphones or computers nowadays, which allows us to add up some features on a regular base.
Here’s some of them coming up:
  • Instantaneous delivery to your Flashsafe of terabytes of free computer programs just by one click;
  • Access to Smart TV;
  • Many others (installed applications)
Flashsafe created by professional team
We are the team of professionals joined by the idea of creating easy and simple device for storing files in one secure place.
In the beginning Flashsafe were intended to be used by corporate clients who were in need of one common and safe place for storing and exchanging of documents. Government agencies and big corporate companies already showed their interest in our product. Now we would like to introduce it to you and develop it together for your benefit.